Starting a new business.

Starting a new business can be a mixed bag of emotions.
Fun, challenging, exciting, scary all at the same time.
Ready to take that first step?

That’s awesome, Congratulations!

As you begin here are a few shortcuts to help you get started and give you some ideas and resources as you navigate the wonderful world of business.

The BDC is theBusiness Development Bank” of Canada and is the only financial institution devoted entirely to entrepreneurs?
They offer free advice and tools from creating a business plan, getting financing, marketing, technology, etc. click here to learn more

Don’t miss checking the Government of Canada’s site, when you’re setting up your business it’s important to have all your bases covered, they provide a Business start-up checklist and lots of great information tailored to specific businesses.

Check out Invest Ottawa, as they provide seminars, resources, business advice and even contests for investments you can apply to participate in.

Have you heard of the Ottawa Community Loan Fund It is a non-profit organization providing micro-loans for business and professional development purposes, as well as creating awareness of the importance of a strong credit history.

Ottawa Public Library provide Online Resources,  you can get online course with a valid Library Card?
The Library is a great place to go for free resources and tools for your business.
THINK Books- Audio – Events – and more.

You could qualify for a grant from Canadian Business Grants

You should also start networking,  in a business community to meet local business people and entrepreneurs.
Learn from them, see what they are doing, surround yourself with like-minded people that will support you in your vision and on your journey and can be the resources and team you need to get started.

Even if you have been thinking of starting something but not sure what that something is there are many opportunities to join companies that already have a plan in place, you can be your own boss, learn from great processes and marketing strategies and learn hands on from their processes.

I invite you to join me, I’d be thrilled to start a relationship with you and invite you to join our business community for a FREE membership at Connect Ottawa 

Looking for something specifically?

Jot me a note, and let’s Connect!

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