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About Sponsorship

The aim of sponsorship management is to identify suitable sponsors and get them involved in the planning of your upcoming event.
The process will usually involve brainstorming, approaching potential sponsors, managing processes and sponsor fulfilment.

Connect Ottawa offers services and products to help you increase your fundraising potential through various services and workflows.

Why do companies Sponsor?

Event sponsorships are a way to build credibility and authority around your business. Essentially, you attach your business to worthy causes and high-profile events in order to nurture positive associations.
Philanthropy, charity, sponsorship and fundraising activities are a great way to get coverage and expand your brand reputation. Customers who attend are given strong reasons to believe you are reliable and trustworthy and this strengthens your relationships and outreach.

The Sponsor Workflow Catalog

Rosaline, Digital Assistant | Unified Remote Work | Connect Ottawa AI coordinator

Browse our Unified Philanthropy and Sponsorship catalogue and plan for additional income  at your next event choosing from the following managed services. 

Managed Services in partnership with Unified Remote Work. Catalogue 2022

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