connect ottawa

digitized NETWORKING card ~ NFC


The electronic Affinity Propagation Data Networking Card is delivered to your door.
Imagine all your contact information, social media profiles in one dataset.

An NFC card is a Near Field Communication technology that allows the exchange of data between devices.

Connect Ottawa NFC Card included in these VIP memberships or may be purchased separately.

Connect Ottawa

Get your courses published with Connect Ottawa | Sell your products within our communities | Start a workgroup, plan your tasks and activities with a synchronized agenda | Access 48 weeks of VIP Thursdays. One Digitized Business Card included.

Connect Ottawa

Access to a Learning Management System to run your own curriculum | Sell your products online | Start a workgroup, plan your tasks & activities with a synchronized agenda | Create multiple HD Video Conference rooms. Digitized Business Card included.

Connect Ottawa

Team Building Composer | Lead Generation Services with AI-powered CRM | Automated Customer Service 24/7 | Internet page with 5 blocks of content | Digital Assistant widget | LMS | HD Conferencing | Workgroup. Digitized Business Card included.


tap and know

A NFC-enabled digital business card equipped with a QR code.
Share your profile with the Connect Ottawa Smart Card by simply tapping it to any phone
No app is needed for your information to be received by the other person.


Have all your information in one convenient place ready to share.

Input your contact information:
Full Name / Personal Email / Work Email/ Personal Number/ Profession / Company Name / Location

social media

Tired of searching for url links to connect with your colleagues?

This is the place to get organized and have those media links all in one place. Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, Discord, Snapchat, GitHub and more.

marketing and visibility

Upload up to 5 photos on your profile plus you can embed a Youtube or Vimeo video on your profile as well.

Share your company and/or personal URL links and your location of your business via Google Maps.

Network with Data

Be prepared and stand out from the rest by uploading PDF files for your CV or portfolios and marketing material.

Share a Calendly URL and create a BOOK ME button on your profile.
Create new opportunities networking.

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