Connect Ottawa

Legacy Membership

Why Legacy?

This is where the story started...
A business community to bring entrepreneurs and business people together. Connect, Communicate, Collaborate and grow collectively.
.... and then the unexpected happened,the world went into crisis with a global pandemic and a series of events never seen before rippled across the planet causing chaos.

The SHIFT to online was pivotal for the business community to stay CONNECTED, to have a place to go and SHARE in a safe place.
Together we have navigated this new world through uncharted waters.
When a group works together, shares their expertise, learns new ways of working, mentors, shows up and participates, embraces differences and diversity, supports and cares this is the new world.
This is TRUST.

typical legacy

believes in a community with like-minded Networkers

Meet like-minded business people globally from diverse backgrounds at events.

Weekly VIP Business Strategy Session
Pop Up Events
Access to online Courses paid/free
Business Presentation Template

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