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Our membership program is designed to bring like-minded people together in a business community ecosystem, a place that supports each other and provides access to the tools a business requires to succeed and scale today.

Exclusive access to 48 VIP Thursday's Business Strategy Sessions designed to keep you on top of your business throughout the year.

Design your experience with different levels of membership to choose from in the VIP business lounge

What is the one thing you need to succeed today?

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Featured VIP Members

Community Edition


Mix and mingle, attend networking events on and offline and have access to new business contacts from diverse backgrounds.Participating, committing and contributing is the key to success in this business community in the group and at events. From startup to corporate bring a growth mindset and enjoy the experience.


Blog, post and engage in conversation with your favorite topics.
Know, Like, Trust, and Transact is a motto for business growth and standing out. Get your trade, skills and talents on the business stage so everyone is aware of you and your Brand. Promote your business to a wider audience. This is Networking & Affinity Propagation.


Show your colors, practice your public speaking and communication skills, stay on top of new business trends and changes that affect your business.
Share resources, browse the knowledge base to find the content and courses you need to grow. Find your team, business colleagues, like-minded people to support you on your business journey.
Collaboration is key to success in the future.

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Keep up to date with all the latest Connect Ottawa news.
Members articles, blogs, upcoming events, courses and more.

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