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VIP Memberships

Our choice of VIP Memberships allows you to design your experience that can grow with your business from Startup to Corporate depending on your needs.

How do you design your experience?

Start with your Why, then what do you need next:

Connections ~ Networking, Digital Networking Card
Money ~ Marketing, Additional Services, Goals
Time ~ Get Organized, Prioritize, Productivity
Teach ~ Publish Online Courses, Create, Facilitate
Visibility ~ Branding, Advertising, Sponsorship
Knowledge ~ Online learning, Mentors, Resources
Efficiency~ Technologies, Apps, Automate Processes
Community ~ Tribe, Charity, Sponsor, Team, Volunteer
Clarity ~ Goals, Vision, Story, Pitch, Clients

Featured VIP Members

Upcoming Events here



Every Thursday from 12 - 1 EST the Tribe | Team gather here.

It's the place to meet great people, stay on top of your business with themed events and open conversation, really get to KNOW each other.
Check out upcoming themes here.
It's important for people to have a SAFE place to go, share wins, challenges and engage in meaningful conversation when in business.

Included in VIP or pay as you go,

Register here, zoom link to follow...


Every Tuesday from 1 - 2 EST join Connect Ottawa for a presentation from our Keynote speakers.
It's a complimentary session.
It gives everyone an opportunity to learn from peers, be inspired, create thought provoking conversations and meet some great people.

Be prepared to go LIVE and share your contact information so your peers can connect.
Learn, Be Inspired, Meet great people.

We look forward to welcoming you.

See who's up next here ...

VIP Members get pinned for FREE on the Affinity Networking Map, start building your network. Subscribers and sponsors welcome starting at $7.per month.


Keep up to date with all the latest Connect Ottawa news.
Members articles, blogs, upcoming events, courses and more.

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